Comprehensive and unified control of security, building technology and communication systems installed in a property, initiation of the correct actions in case of emergency and receipt of concrete instructions for the optimal solution of the situation: quite simple with WinGuard PSIM from Advancis.

WinGuard NSC

WinGuard is an open architecture command & control platform to integrate and unify security, building automation and communication systems, e.g. fire alarm or intruder detection systems, access control or CCTV. Proprietary interfaces enable transfer of event messages as well as comprehensive control of all linked systems. All system states are collectively displayed in only one user interface. The user profits from a uniform and intuitive operation of a wide variety of different systems. In addition, WinGuard offers program-guided instructions for event processing – for a quick and secure management of the situation.
هوشمند سازی ساختمان با WinGuard NSC

WinGuard has an open system structure. From a single-user system to a comprehensive network solution, a WinGuard installation can be extended step by step with workstations, interface and function modules and therefore flexibly adapts to various tasks.

Using WinGuard as centralized management system reduces purchasing and maintenance costs for other control units as well as training costs. The modular extensibility of WinGuard offers high investment protection. Due to individually adapted modules for particular functions, systems, workflows or verticals, WinGuard also responds to specific requirements.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Standalone- or Network Systems (Client / Server)
  • Upgrade / Update Possibilities
  • Data points depending on Project (expandable in steps of 100 or 1000 Datapoints)
  • more than 200 different interfaces available, optimal for NSC Fire Control Panels
  • Easy and Reliable Data import from the NSC FCP Tool
  • Dual-Screen-Operation available as an option
  • User specific designed surface
  • predefined Users
  • integrated graphics editor to import wmf, bmp and jpg files (Import of CAD files as an option)
  • separated log file for each interface
  • Event handling included
  • Mobile App for smartphones and tablet PCs
  • Optical and acoustic alerts
  • Possibilities for redundancy

As a qualified WinGuard partner, we take care of planning, project planning, software setup, hardware installation and offer qualified services, support and training.