دکتور مکشی مدل Vesda VLC-500

The VESDA VLC by Xtralis is an aspirating smoke detector that provides very early warning in single and small environments where space is at a premium. The VESDA VLC aspirating smoke detector is available in two versions, one that interfaces via relays only (RO) and one that interfaces via relays and VESDAnet (VN). The VESDA VLC-EX detector has been specifically
designed to provide all the benefits of ASD for the protection of hazardous applications with Zone 2 classification.


:The Xtralis VESDA VLC offers a simple, cost-effective solution for the protection of single and smaller environments such as
Small archives*
Production machinery*
Ceiling voids*
Prison cells*
Wet benches*
Data storage cabinets*
Critical process tools*


    • UL*
    • ULC*
    • FM*
    • LPCB*
    • VdS*
    • CCC*
    • ActivFire*
    • NF*
    • VNIIPO*
    • CE*
    • CSFM*
    • EN 54-20*
      (Class A (30 holes / 0.05% obs/m*
      (Class B (36 holes / 0.09% obs/m*
      (Class C (40 holes / 0.165% obs/m*
    • FM Hazardous Locations: Suitable for Class 1, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D*
    • (IECEx (VLC-EX only*
    • (ATX (VLC-EX only*


to download Vesda VLC-500 Cllick Here