Apollo interfaces

Apollo manufactures a comprehensive range of interfaces for systems which enable fire protection solutions to
be engineered simply and e”ectively without the need for custom-designed equipment. These interfaces are available for use on Apollo addressable systems.

Apollo XP95 Input / Output Unit with Isolator

Product code: 55000-847APO

55000-847APO Apollo interfaces

The Input / Output Unit provides a voltage-free, double pole changeover (DPCO) relay output, a single monitored switch input and an unmonitored, non-polarised input.

Product code: 55000-852APO

55000-852 Apollo interfaces

The Sounder Control Unit is used to control the operation of a zone of conventional sounders and report their status to the control panel.

The sounder control unit with isolator allows the device to be operated continuously or be pulsed with 1 second on and 1 second off. The Devices can be operated individually or in groups and whichever address mode has been applied, may be synchronised when in pulsed operation.

Product code:55000-845APO

55000-845APO Apollo interfaces

The Zone Monitor powers and controls the operation of a zone of up to 20 Apollo Series 65 or Orbis Fire Detectors from a Discovery or XP95 loop. The Zone Monitor with Isolator is loop powered and operates at 17–۲۸V DC with protocol pulses of 5–۹V.

Product code:55000-849APO

55000-849 Apollo interfaces

The Output Unit provides a voltage free single pole, changeover relay output. It is a simplified version of the Input/Output Unit without circuitry for monitoring inputs.

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Series 65 Conventional Devices

Series 65 Conventional Devices
The Series 65 range of conventional detectors incorporates well-proven sensing technologies, together with advances in materials and electronics technology to meet approvals worldwide.

Series 65 Optical Smoke Detector with Flashing LED

Product code: ۵۵۰۰۰-۳۱۶APO

55000-316APO - Series 65 Optical Smoke Detector with Flashing LED Conventional Devices
The Series 65 Optical Smoke Detector incorporates a pulsing LED located within the housing of the detector. The external detector moulding is identical to that of the ionisation detector, and has an indicator LED which is clear in quiescent state but produces a red light in alarm.

Series 65 A1R Heat Detector with Flashing LED

Product code: ۵۵۰۰۰-۱۲۱APO

55000-121APO - Series 65 A1R Heat Detector with Flashing LED Conventional Devices
The Series 65 Heat Detector monitors temperature by using a dual thermistor network which provides a voltage output proportional to the external air temperature. There are 12 heat detectors in the Series 65 range designed to suit a wide variety of operating conditions.

Series 65 Standard Base

Product code: ۴۵۶۸۱-۲۰۰APO

45681-200APO - Series 65 Standard Base Conventional Devices
    • e Series 65 Standard Base has been designed to enable detectors to be fitted without the need of force – particularly useful when fitting to suspended ceilings. All Series 65 bases have a one-way only fit. Detectors can be locked into place by a grub screw using a 1.5mm hexagonal screwdriver.
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    • Series 65 Conventional Devices

Discovery Addressable Devices

Discovery Addressable Devices

Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality fire detection solutions for commercial and industrial applications. From their base in Havant, near Portsmouth on the UK’s south coast, they have, for over 40 years, designed and built products that save lives and protect property from the risk of fire.

Discovery is a range of high specification analogue Addressable Devices suitable for use in commercial, industrial, financial, government, IT/telecoms and healthcare applications. The Discovery range is designed to meet specifications for detectors incorporated in sophisticated systems. Discovery provides engineers with an additional dimension in fire protection capability. The Discovery communications protocol is a development of the proven XP95 protocol, making both ranges of detector compatible.

Discovery Heat Detector

Product code: ۵۸۰۰۰-۴۰۰APO

58000-400APO - Discovery Heat Detector Addressable Devices
Discovery heat detectors have a common profile with ionisation and optical smoke detectors but have a low air flow resistance case made of self-extinguishing white polycarbonate. For the European standard version of the detector, the five modes correspond to five “classes” as defined in EN 54-5. The classes in this standard correspond with different response behaviour, each of which is designed to be suitable for a range of application temperatures. All modes incorporate “fixed temperature” response, which is defined in the standard by the “static response temperature”.

Discovery Optical Smoke Detector

Product code: ۵۸۰۰۰-۶۰۰APO

58000-600APO - Discovery Optical Smoke Detector Addressable Devices
The Discovery Optical Smoke Detector operates using the light scatter principle and is ideal for applications where slow-burning or smouldering fires pose a potential risk.

Discovery Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator (Red)

Product code: ۵۸۰۰۰-۰۰۵APO

58000-005APO - Discovery Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator (Red) Addressable Devices
The Discovery Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator makes full use of the Discovery protocol and has been designed for use in indoor and open areas. When the fire system is being commissioned a ‘Magnetic Wand’ can be used to adjust and test each sounder locally.

Discovery Manual Call Point with Isolator (Red)

Product code: ۵۸۱۰۰-۹۰۸APO

58100-908APO - Discovery Manual Call Point with Isolator (Red) Addressable Devices
A seven-segment DIL switch enables addressing of each call point at commissioning stage. When operated, the manual call point interrupts the polling cycle for a fast response. Bi-coloured LEDs indicate isolate and normal conditions.

FM200 System


clean agent system


Rotarex offers components needed to configure clean agent fire suppression system.
– Components entirely compatible and interchangeable
– Easier and faster installation – No “bad surprises”
– System pre-tested and qualified
– Everything to the same high-specification
– Greater confidence in performance at the critical time
– Full warranty protection
– Simplicity of a single supplier

 FM200 Valves:

fm200 valves FM200 Specs:

FM-200 or NOVEC
Without  Solenoid With Solenoid
Product code B04820125 B04820129 B04820119 B04820128
Discharge type Total Total Total Total
Working pressure ۲۵ bar ۴۲ bar ۲۵ bar ۴۲ bar
Orifice size Ø ۳۳ mm Ø ۳۳ mm Ø ۳۳ mm Ø ۳۳ mm
Inlet connection ۲,۵” male ۲,۵” male ۲,۵” male ۲,۵” male
Outlet Connection ۱ ۷⁄۸”male ۱ ۷⁄۸”male ۱ ۷⁄۸”male ۱ ۷⁄۸”male
Burst disc pressure ۴۹ bar ۷۸ bar ۴۹ bar ۷۸ bar
Valve Body Brass Brass Brass



Co2 System


co2 system


Rotarex offers all the components needed to configure a complete system for 60 bar carbon dioxide extinguishing agent.
– Components entirely compatible and interchangeable
– Easier and faster installation – No “bad surprises”
– Everything to the same high-specification
– Greater confidence in performance at the critical time
– Full warranty protection
– Simplicity of a single supplier Rotarex makes it easy for system engineers and installers to configure fixed suppression systems–choosing only select components –or using the entire system

 CO2 valves:

شیر CO2

Product code B04800111 B04800113 B04800110
Discharge type Total Total Total
Max. working pressure ۲۵۰ bar ۲۵۰ bar ۲۵۰ bar
Orifice size Ø ۱۲ mm Ø ۱۲ mm Ø ۱۲ mm
Inlet connection ۲۵E EN-629-1 ۲۵E EN-629-1 ۲۵E EN-629-1
Outlet  connection W21,8×1/14” DIN 477 W21,8×1/14” DIN 477 W21,8×1/14” DIN 477
Actuator  connection M42 x 1,5 M42 x 1,5 M42 x 1,5
Dip tube connection M10 x 0,75 M10 x 0,75 M10 x 0,75
Burst disc pressure ۱۹۰ bar ۲۲۵ bar ۲۵۰ bar
Valve body Brass Brass Brass



Indirect Firefighting System FireDetec IHP


– #۱ Cause of Industrial Fires*
– ۷۵% of total-loss fires start as an electrical fire*
– Helps minimize damage to vital electrical equipment
– Minimizes work stoppage during repairs/cleanup
– Prevents extensive cleanup if the
sprinkler system discharges

– A complete, ready-to-install system – all in one box
– Available with CO2 or HFC-227ea extinguishing agent
– Available in multiple cylinder sizes for
small, medium or large enclosures
– CO2 systems available with choice
of filled or unfilled cylinders
– HFC-227ea systems available filled
only. Unfilled on request


ihp system

ihp system schematic

Consists of below:





IHP Cylinder / valve assembly

۱ ۱
۲ ۱ ۰۲۴۹۰۰۳۹۰ Cylinder bracket
۳ ۱ ۰۲۴۱۰۰۰۱۳ Gasket
۴ ۱ B06920006 Rubber hose
۵ ۲ B07835026 Tube fitting – straight
۶ ۲ B07835028 Tube fitting – Elbow
۷ ۱ B07835037 Cross  panel-fitting
۸ ۴ B07860006 Pipe bracket (0 8mm)
۹ ۲ ۰۲۲۷۰۰۵۹۹ Stainless steel tubing (1m)
۱۰ ۱ ۰۲۶۲۰۰۱۱۶ Nozzle
۱۱ ۱ ۰۲۴۹۲۰۰۱۳ Protection Spring top
۱۲ ۱ B07830005 Cross  panel-fitting
۱۳ ۲۰ B07860004 Binding ties
۱۴ ۱ B07800015 FireDETEC® Tube red (10m)
۱۵ ۱ B07810014

End of line gauge

مشخصات سیستم اطفاء غیر مستقیم: 

Product code unfilled B07504000 B07504004
Product code filled B07504500 B07504504
Cylinder kit size ۵ Kg. ۱۰ Kg. Ø۲۰۴mm
Number of nozzles ۱ ۲
Cylinder volume ۶٫۷ liters ۱۳٫۴ liters
Cylinder approval π π
Cyl. weight (empty) ۱۰ Kg. ۲۱ Kg.
Operating   Temperature -۲۰°C to 60°C -۲۰°C to 60°C
Working pressure ۶۰ bar at 20°C ۶۰ bar at 20°C
Siphon tube Yes Yes
Sensor tubing color Red Red

Direct Automatic Firefighting System FireDetec DHP



– #۱ Cause of Industrial Fires*
– ۷۵% of total-loss fires start as an electrical fire*
– Helps minimize damage to vital electrical equipment
– Minimizes work stoppage during repairs/cleanup
– Prevents extensive cleanup if the sprinkler system discharges


– A complete, ready-to-install system – all in one box
– Available with CO2 or HFC-227ea extinguishing agent
– Available in multiple cylinder sizes for small or medium enclosures
– Systems available with choice of filled or unfilled cylinders
– CE approved cylinders only

سیتسم اطفاء اتوماتیک مستقیم FireDetec DHP

co2 and fm200 dhp

Co2 system consists of:

۱ ۱ B07034000       DHP cylinder / valve assembly (not filled)
۲ ۱ ۰۲۴۹۰۰۳۹۹       Cylinder bracket
۳ ۱ ۰۲۴۹۲۰۰۱۳       Protection spring top
۴ ۱ B07830005       Cross panel-fiting
۵ ۲۰ B07860004       Binding ties
۶ ۱ B07800015       FireDETEC® tube red (10 m)
۷ ۱ B07810014       End of line gauge

FM200 system consists of:

۱ ۱ B07004004    DLP cylinder/valve assembly (not filled) with bracket
۲ ۱ B07830005    Cross-panel fitting
۳ ۲۰ B07860005    Binding ties
۴ ۱ B07800015    FireDETEC® sensor tubing red (10m)
۵ ۱ B07810026    End-of-line gauge


Vesda E Air Sampling device

vesda E

VESDA Smoke+

According to tests observed & verified by independent experts, VESDA is the best ASD system available. With VESDA-E, Xtralis has taken the standard for ASD systems to a new level of excellence. Our patented Flair™ technology delivers innovation that makes VESDA-E better than even the best (VESDA)!


Future-proof expandability & field programmability for maximum flexibility
StaX Modules allow for hardware expansion without disrupting the detector installation or pipe network Integrated gas detection provides a superior solution at half the cost of competing solutions

VESDA Verify

Provides unprecedented situational awareness that drastically reduces verification time and delivers more efficient & effective response without nuisance alarms Addressability: VESDA Offer Different Addressability Solutions For Different Applications Different Solutions to Pinpoint Location of Fire Incident results in quicker and more efficient response

VESDA Connect

Flexible networking & programming options that reduce maintenance & monitoring costs by up to 50% through extensive connectivity options & remote diagnostics Enables connectivity with Xtralis VSC, VSM4, Xtralis EMS as well as providing an embedded
webserver and E-mail alerts VESDA WiFi: Integration of wireless 802.11n enables connectivity with hand-held iOS and Android devices VESDA USB: Easily connect to a PC for configuration and maintenance or USB flash drive for data collection VESDAnet & Relays: Connect up to 200 VESDA-E devices on a single loop


VESDA-E provides lifetime of value, reliability, & protection – with VESDA-E you can reduce Total Cost of Ownership by 15%! Plug & play installation provides improved installation experience & reduced installation cost Design-less pipe networks offer the fastest time to VESDA protection… ever! Vast monitoring options allow efficient integration to business process and emergency response plans Backward compatible :
easy upgrade while protecting your investment

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OSID Smoke detectors


Unique Detection Technology

The OSID system measures the level of smoke entering beams of light projected over an area of protection. A single OSID Imager can detect up to seven Emitters to provide a wide coverage area. Two innovations in smoke detection technology have been developed for the revolutionary OSID smoke detector:

Dual Wavelength Particle Detection

The beam projected from each Emitter contains a unique sequence of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) pulses that are synchronised with the Imager and enable the rejection of any unwanted light sources. By using two wavelengths of light to detect particles, the system is able to distinguish between particle sizes. The shorter UV wavelength interacts strongly with both small and large particles while the longer IR wavelength is affected only by larger particles. Dual wavelength path loss measurements therefore enable the detector to provide repeatable smoke obscuration measurements, while rejecting the presence of transient dust particles or solid intruding objects.

Optical Imaging with a CMOS Imaging Chip

An optical imaging array in the OSID Imager provides the detector with a wide viewing angle to locate and track multiple Emitters. Consequently, the system can tolerate a much less precise installation and can compensate for the drift caused by natural shifts in building structures.

Optical filtering, high-speed image acquisition and intelligent software algorithms also enable the OSID system to provide new levels of stability and sensitivity with greater immunity to high level lighting variability.


Status information (Fire Alarm, Trouble and Power) is communicated through the Imager via Status LEDs, dedicated Trouble and Alarm relays, and the Remote Indicator interface. Specific Trouble (Fault) conditions are identified through coded flashes of the Trouble LED.

An internal heating option is also provided on the Imager to prevent condensation on the optical surface, and a reset input enables an external signal to reset the device.

Simple Installation and Maintenance

The OSID system consists of up to seven Emitters for the 90° Imager unit, located along the perimeter of the protected area, and an Imager mounted opposite. Each component can be mounted directly to the surface or can be secured with the supplied mounting brackets. Battery powered Emitters with three or five years battery life are also available to reduce installation time and cost.


• Maximum detection range of 150 m (492 ft) for the OSI-10
• Dual wavelength LED-based smoke detection
• Optical imaging with CMOS imaging chip
• On-board event log for fault and alarm diagnostics
• High tolerance to false alarm due to building movement
• High tolerance to transient dust, steam and intrusion of solid objects
• Easy alignment with large adjustment and viewing angles
• No need for precise alignment
• Tolerant of alignment drift
• Automatic commisioning in under ten minutes
• Simple DIP switch configuration
• Simple and easy maintenance requirements
• Three selectable alarm thresholds
• Status LEDs for Fire, Trouble and Power
• Conventional alarm interface for straightforward fire system integration

Configuration Options

OSID systems may be configured to suit a range of detection spaces by selecting the number of Emitters and type of Imager. Each type of Imager differs by the lens used in the unit, which determines the field of view and range of the system.

دتکتورهای دود OSID

Emitter / Imager Dimensions

دتکتورهای دود OSID

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Open Path Gas Detector

The Open Path Gas Detectors include the two series of ds900 and ds700 which we will explain in this post.

Open Path Gas Detector ds 900 Series Laser Detector:

The SafEye Quasar 900 series features the latest open path IR technology that detects a wide range of hydrocarbon gases including alkanes (methane to hexane) and ethylene.
The model can travel up to 660 feet (200 meters) in length, and you can use Quasar 900 models to protect high-risk installation.
Reliability and performance are key, and trust this product with SIL2 verification and performance testing, and having FM and EN standards.

Why Open Path Gas Detectors?

Spectrex invented the xenon flash lamp design that revolutionized the open-path gas detection market, which, until then, was plagued by false alarms due to the drawbacks of the previous designs.
Now, Open path detectors complement the use of individual point detectors, take executive action and offer many significant benefits including:
• Wider area coverage
• Most likely method to pick up any leak
• Very high speed of response
• No unrevealed failure modes
• Beam block warning
• Detector location is less critical
• Size of gas hazard indicated

Applications include:

• Offshore platforms & FPSOs
• Petrochemical plants
• Chemical processing plants
• Gas filling and distribution terminals
• Gas transport and pipelines
• Large storage areas & buildings
• Perimeter monitoring

ds 900 دتکتور های خطی لیزری Open Path Gas Detector
Installation Options

۰-۲۰mA analog output with HART capability
• RS485 Modbus, where up to 256 detectors can be linked


Worldwide Approvals

• Hazardous area (Zone 1) FM/FMC, ATEX, IECEx, GOST R Inmetro
• Performance (3rd party):
FM 6325 approved by FM
EN60079-29-4 tested by FM
• Reliability:


HART capabilities within the Quasar 900 can provide digital communications between the field and the safe area.
This can provide real time information on the status of an individual detector as well as configuration and historical data of each device, without the need for extra cable cores.
A key feature of HART is that digital signals are transmitted on the same two wires as the 0-20mA current signal.
Useful and useable information available via HART includes:
• Display set-up
• Reconfigure set-up – such as gas
calibration, heater control, address
• Display detector status and definition
• Perform detector diagnostics
• Troubleshooting
• View Event Log

ds-g-900-2 دتکتور های خطی لیزری Open Path Gas Detector

Open Path Gas Detector ds 700 Series Laser Detector:

این تصویر نشان می دهد که چگونه ماتریس آشکارسازهای نوع نقطه ای می توانند نشتی را از دست بدهند یا در نهایت فقط سطح گاز رقیق شده را مشاهده کنند در حالی که SafEye 700S Open-Path ، در این حالت ۲۰٪ LEL x 7 m = 1.4 LEL.m را اندازه می گیرد.

ds-g-700 دتکتور های خطی لیزری Open Path Gas Detector

Open-path Gas Detection Concepts

Not all gas clouds are hazardous – only if a flammable gas cloud or plume is wide enough to allow flame acceleration to speeds greater than 100 m/sec does it become a significant threat.

•Just as an athlete performing the long jump needs a run-up distance, so too a flame front needs distance to reach the velocities which cause the damaging effects of over pressure, pressure pulse and windage.

•The generally accepted quantity of gas that creates the potential to cause consequential damage if ignited is a cloud of the size 5 m diameter a stoichiometric concentration (about200% LEL).

• To provide a safety margin, this concentration is halved to 100% LEL. Thus an open path beam traversing this cloud would indicate 5 LEL.m.

•Location of the SafEye 700S Open-Path Gas Detector is less important than with point type detectors as it provides a warning alarm from a diluted gas cloud and does not need to be close to the leakage source.

• Point type detectors measure gas at their location in terms of % LEL, whereas open-path gas detectors measure the amount of gas anywhere along the length of the path, in terms of the integral of concentration and length (LEL x meters).

Open-Path Applications:

•Offshore Oil & Gas drilling and production
•Petrochemical and Chemical storage and ذproduction areas
•Storage & loading of hazardous materials and waste areas
•Engine & Turbine air intake and modules
•LNG-LPG storage, pumping and filling
•Fence-line emission monitoring
•Storage Tank Farm protection
•Paint industries, including paint-booths
•Bus terminals (natural gas powered)
•Waste disposal and processing