co2 system


Rotarex offers all the components needed to configure a complete system for 60 bar carbon dioxide extinguishing agent.
– Components entirely compatible and interchangeable
– Easier and faster installation – No “bad surprises”
– Everything to the same high-specification
– Greater confidence in performance at the critical time
– Full warranty protection
– Simplicity of a single supplier Rotarex makes it easy for system engineers and installers to configure fixed suppression systems–choosing only select components –or using the entire system

 CO2 valves:

شیر CO2

Product code B04800111 B04800113 B04800110
Discharge type Total Total Total
Max. working pressure 250 bar 250 bar 250 bar
Orifice size Ø 12 mm Ø 12 mm Ø 12 mm
Inlet connection 25E EN-629-1 25E EN-629-1 25E EN-629-1
Outlet  connection W21,8×1/14” DIN 477 W21,8×1/14” DIN 477 W21,8×1/14” DIN 477
Actuator  connection M42 x 1,5 M42 x 1,5 M42 x 1,5
Dip tube connection M10 x 0,75 M10 x 0,75 M10 x 0,75
Burst disc pressure 190 bar 225 bar 250 bar
Valve body Brass Brass Brass