Different Types of fire fighting  and F&G systems such as:

Gas systems are suitable for many types of fire classes (A.B.C). Gas systems are used in cases where the water and foam system cannot be used due to property damage or problems.

These systems are divided into the following main types:

1- Carbon dioxide fire extinguishing system

2- Fire extinguishing system with clean agents

3. Noble gas fire extinguishing system

4- Halocarbon Fire Suppression Systems

The agents do the suppression in three ways

1- Lowering the temperature (carbon dioxide system)

2- Reduction of oxygen (CO2 and noble gases)

3- Breaking the Fire Reaction Chain (Halogen Carbon System)

Fire Extinguisher Function

There are two ways to use extinguishing agents:

– Fill the entire space with the agent (Total Flooding)

– Local extinguishing agents

In systems that use the total flooding method of the agent, the three-dimensional environment is partially filled with quenching agent to provide the required density for fire extinguishing (quenching volume percentage in ambient air). These systems can be activated automatically by the fire alarm system or manually.

Systems based on local extinguishers apply the extinguishing agent directly to the fire or the three-dimensional space surrounding it.

These systems are generally used to:

– Electrical equipment (switching rooms, battery rooms, control rooms, securityrooms and metro halls)

– Instrumentation Centers

– Galleries of precious or antiques




  1. Valves

شیرآلات روتارکس

2. IG System


3. FM200 System


4. Co2 System