clean agent system


Rotarex offers components needed to configure clean agent fire suppression system.
– Components entirely compatible and interchangeable
– Easier and faster installation – No “bad surprises”
– System pre-tested and qualified
– Everything to the same high-specification
– Greater confidence in performance at the critical time
– Full warranty protection
– Simplicity of a single supplier

 FM200 Valves:

fm200 valves FM200 Specs:

FM-200 or NOVEC
Without  Solenoid With Solenoid
Product code B04820125 B04820129 B04820119 B04820128
Discharge type Total Total Total Total
Working pressure 25 bar 42 bar 25 bar 42 bar
Orifice size Ø 33 mm Ø 33 mm Ø 33 mm Ø 33 mm
Inlet connection 2,5” male 2,5” male 2,5” male 2,5” male
Outlet Connection 1 7⁄8”male 1 7⁄8”male 1 7⁄8”male 1 7⁄8”male
Burst disc pressure 49 bar 78 bar 49 bar 78 bar
Valve Body Brass Brass Brass