The Hochiki ATJ-E (HFP) detector is a multi-heat detector that is fully compatible with the Hochiki ESP analog addressable protocol.
The ATJ-E (HFP) model has the ability to operate in two modes of constant temperature and incremental temperature, which can be selected and controlled one or both simultaneously through the control panel. Detector display lights (LED) can be controlled by They also have a control panel (flashing mode)


-feature User-selectable modes

-Ability to select constant temperature mode and incremental rate temperature simultaneously

-Dual display lights (LED) with 360-degree visibility – in normal operation flashing green light, in red fire mode constant light

-Software addressing by TCH-B200 addressing tool

-Classes A, B and C approved by LPCB and Vds


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Operating voltage 17 – 41 volts direct
Low current consumption (normal) 110 microamperes
Flow in normal mode 350 μA
Flow in alert mode (CIE controlled) 9.1 mAh (except remote indicator)
Communication protocol Hochiki ESP
Operating temperature range Negative 10 degrees Celsius to positive 50 degrees Celsius
Functional humidity 95% – No compaction (at 40 ° C)
Storage temperature range Minus 30 degrees Celsius to positive 60 degrees Celsius
Wet storage Less than 80% at 70 ° C
Body color / material White / polycarbonate
Weight 90 g
Diameter / height 100 mm / 45 mm
Compatible bases YBN-R / 3, YBO-R / SCI, YBO-BS, YBO-BSB, YBN-R / 3 (SCI)
Confirmations LPCB (EN54: Part 5)

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