NSC SolutionF1 Control Panel Loop Card With Apollo Hochiki Protocol


NSC SolutionF1 control panel loop card with Apollo Hochiki protocol The latest loop card introduced by NSC is related to Solution F1 series control panels. This loop card, unlike previous loop cards, is designed as a multi-protocol and has the ability to support Core, Soteria, XP95 and Discovery protocols of APOLLO fire alarm equipment and ESP protocol of HOCHIKI company. This feature increases the flexibility of the system and the possibility of changing the loop card protocol without the need to replace it and only by making changes in the NSC control panel software.

کارت لوپ کنترل پنل NSC سری Solution F1 با پروتکل آپولو/هوچیکی
کارت لوپ کنترل پنل NSC سری Solution F1 با پروتکل آپولو/هوچیکی


  • Supported protocols: Hochiki-ESP and Apollo-Core, Soteria, XP95, Discovery
  • Improved loop performance
  • Each card includes two loops with the ability to connect a maximum of 127 devices per loop
  • Automatic addressing capability (only with Hochiki ESP protocol and Apollo Soteria equipment)
  • The maximum length of the loop is 3500 meters
  • Has 8 programmable alarm outputs
  • Ability to display more complete parameters of equipment connected to the control panel

Technical Specifications

CertificatesVdS G205024 Certificate
Flow in normal mode62.3 mA
Maximum current per loop400/450 mA
Weight120 g
170 Length × 110 Width × 20 Height

Download the datasheet of this loop card