IFTER EQU is all about flexibility so that you can adjust the product exactly to your needs. Easy configuration and clear overview makes it a very user-friendly product that doesn’t require any special set of skills to manage.

IFTER EQU is designed for computer networks with clientserver structure. This way you can manage the system from multiple locations simultaneously.


You can manage multiple buildings either from one place or from many different places at the same time. In case you have to handle a big number of facilities, cluster technology might be your best bet . This way you can set up a local monitoring center on site, as well as the main monitoring center for global control of all your buildings.
Regardless of the location of your devices, the visuali sation of events and status is realized on all of the workstations within your network . Likewise, you can conduct all configuration and steering procedures using any computer connected to your network . This way you are more flexible in your work organization . Database stores all your configuration and events . Any changes are automatically saved and implemented on all other workstations included in your system . Such a solution allows you to work online.


A computer visualises actual safety system state and building automatics on a certain object. The system works correctly despite breaks in connection with the main supervising centre due to the integration of local devices and owning SQL database. After connecting with the main supervising centre, all events are sent to the centre from the local systems.


Supported systems:
• Fire Alarm Systems (FAS)
• Access Control Systems (ACC)
• Intruder & Hold Up Alarm Systems (I&HAS)
• Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV)
• Building Automation (BMS)
• Control-measuring Systems (CMS)

IFTER EQU v.2 allows you to work in the entirely new environment. WEB visualization offers a simpler, browserfriendly view so that you can easily access the application on your mobile devices. Online mode can be used to confirm alarms, display elements, status, and logs. WEB visualization shows you up to 100 last events.

When the alarm is set off, the operator will immediately be shown such information, with additional live camera footage (if available). You can ascribe multiple cameras to one location so that the operator is able to verify the situation from more than one angle.

Access Control System is designed to constantly monitor the flow of people on the object. The system uses keycards and compatible readers to inform about the location and the number of people in the covered area. Moreover, it is a quick way to establish a person’s identity, with the option of additional restrictions that indicate to pay close attention to a given person setting foot on site.