Imen Aria Harigh is NSC Agent in Iran.

As the Agent of NSC control panels, in addition to supplying standard NSC addressable devices, the company is able for:



*Setting up

* Training in all types of fire alarm and fire alarm systems.

نمایندگی NSC

The “Solution F1-6“ panel has as standard a 24 V DC power supply with max. current of 4.2 A.

The user can connect up to 6 loops – each with 254 loop devices (127 detectors/modules plus 127 loop sounder) –

to this panel and can organize a max. of 512 zones.

There are three standard housings which should be chosen depending on battery backup requirements.

The bigger model “Solution F1-18” has a 24 V DC power supply with max. current of 6.7 A fitted as standard.

This panel can control 18 loops as its maximum

Leading in providing alert systems

All types of buildings, including residential, commercial, office, industrial, etc., require fire alarm systems.

Different types of these systems are designed, manufactured and delivered as needed.

Proper warning systems must be carefully designed and implemented to properly select the warning systems.

Unjustified delays in detecting and reporting fires by these systems can lead to disaster.

Imen Aria Harigh Company is proud to provide you with years of successful experience in selling, installing and maintaining fire alarm systems.

we supply all kinds of fire fighting systems including extinguishers, fm200 system, IG55 system and Co2 Systems.