apollo interface

Apollo manufactures a comprehensive range of interfaces for systems which enable fire protection solutions to
be engineered simply and e”ectively without the need for custom-designed equipment. These interfaces are available for use on Apollo addressable systems.

Apollo XP95 Input / Output Unit with Isolator

Product code: 55000-847APO

55000-847APO Apollo interfaces

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The Input / Output Unit provides a voltage-free, double pole changeover (DPCO) relay output, a single monitored switch input and an unmonitored, non-polarised input.

Product code: 55000-852APO

55000-852 Apollo interfaces

The Sounder Control Unit is used to control the operation of a zone of conventional sounders and report their status to the control panel.

The sounder control unit with isolator allows the device to be operated continuously or be pulsed with 1 second on and 1 second off. The Devices can be operated individually or in groups and whichever address mode has been applied, may be synchronised when in pulsed operation.

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Product code:55000-845APO

55000-845APO Apollo interfaces

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The Zone Monitor powers and controls the operation of a zone of up to 20 Apollo Series 65 or Orbis Fire Detectors from a Discovery or XP95 loop. The Zone Monitor with Isolator is loop powered and operates at 17–28V DC with protocol pulses of 5–9V.

Product code:55000-849APO

55000-849 Apollo interfaces

The Output Unit provides a voltage free single pole, changeover relay output. It is a simplified version of the Input/Output Unit without circuitry for monitoring inputs.

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Discovery Addressable Devices

Apollo Fire Detectors Ltd specializes in the design and manufacture of high-quality fire detection solutions for commercial and industrial applications. From their base in Havant, near Portsmouth on the UK’s south coast, they have, for over 40 years, designed and built products that save lives and protect property from the risk of fire.

Discovery is a range of high specification analogue Addressable Devices suitable for use in commercial, industrial, financial, government, IT/telecoms and healthcare applications. The Discovery range is designed to meet specifications for detectors incorporated in sophisticated systems. Discovery provides engineers with an additional dimension in fire protection capability. The Discovery communications protocol is a development of the proven XP95 protocol, making both ranges of detector compatible.

Discovery Heat Detector

Product code: 58000-400APO

58000-400APO - Discovery Heat Detector Addressable Devices
Discovery heat detectors have a common profile with ionisation and optical smoke detectors but have a low air flow resistance case made of self-extinguishing white polycarbonate. For the European standard version of the detector, the five modes correspond to five “classes” as defined in EN 54-5. The classes in this standard correspond with different response behaviour, each of which is designed to be suitable for a range of application temperatures. All modes incorporate “fixed temperature” response, which is defined in the standard by the “static response temperature”.

Discovery Optical Smoke Detector

Product code: 58000-600APO

58000-600APO - Discovery Optical Smoke Detector Addressable Devices
The Discovery Optical Smoke Detector operates using the light scatter principle and is ideal for applications where slow-burning or smouldering fires pose a potential risk.

Discovery Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator (Red)

Product code: 58000-005APO

58000-005APO - Discovery Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator (Red) Addressable Devices
The Discovery Open-Area Sounder Visual Indicator makes full use of the Discovery protocol and has been designed for use in indoor and open areas. When the fire system is being commissioned a ‘Magnetic Wand’ can be used to adjust and test each sounder locally.

Discovery Manual Call Point with Isolator (Red)

Product code: 58100-908APO

A seven-segment DIL switch enables addressing of each call point at commissioning stage. When operated, the manual call point interrupts the polling cycle for a fast response. Bi-coloured LEDs indicate isolate and normal conditions.